Update Adobe Flash Player without Installing McAfee

Adobe Flash will install McAfee Security Scan Plus when you install or update Adobe Flash Player, unless you uncheck the box. Adobe gets paid per user that installs McAfee through their installation. They trick a lot of unknowing users because the checkbox to install McAfee is checked by default; so if you’re not paying attention, Read More

Install Flash to the Samsung Galaxy S & Note (All Models)

Install Flash to all Samsung Galaxy Devices This method works for all models of the Samsung Galaxy – S, SII, SIII, S4, Tablet, Note, Note 2, Note 3, Note 7, Note 8, & Note 10.1. Adobe no longer supports flash for mobile devices, therefore you will not be able to download flash in the Google Read More

Install Flash to the Kindle Fire HD

How-to Run Adobe Flash on the Kindle Fire HD 1. Make sure Allow Installation of Applications is on Settings -> Device -> Allow Installation of Applications 2. Install Flash On the Kindle Fire, navigate to this link, download, and install the file: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/installers/archive/android/ (the download is direct from Adobe) 3. Install Dolphin Browser On the Kindle Fire, Read More